Look for scientific evidence
for your sunscreen

Are you confident that you are choosing sunscreen that is suitable for you?

Actually, whether a sunscreen covers the skin evenly depends on its compatibility with each person’s skin.

When compatible, the sunscreen blends well with skin and leaves a beautiful finish.

We will calculate this level of compatibility as “Beautiful veil formation value” to help choose the sunscreen that is suitable for you.

  • STEP1

    Photograph bare skin
    with your smartphone

    Take a picture of your
    skin in its natural state.

  • STEP2

    Determine your UV
    product skin type

    Take a photo to determine
    your "UV product skin type."

  • STEP3

    Suggestions of
    products that suit you

    We will help choose the
    sunscreen that is suitable for
    you scientifically based on
    “Beautiful veil formation value.”

About UV product skin type
It is a unique indicator of your skin type for choosing the right sunscreen for you. Kirei Skin AI classifies skin into five types based on skin characteristics.
Veil formation mechanism
Generally, when sunscreen is applied to the skin, the sunscreen forms a “veil” on the skin (= veil formation). When this “veil” is nicely formed (= “Beautiful veil formation”), the sunscreen effect is the best.
About Beautiful veil formation value
By using the sunscreen that is suitable for your skin, a "beautiful veil" that beautifully and evenly covers is formed. The compatibility of ALLIE sunscreen with the UV product skin type measured in the service is expressed as "Beauty veil formation value," and the closer it is to 100, the more suitable it is for your skin.
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