Look for scientific evidence for your sunscreen selection.


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  • iPhone

    iPhone 8 or later and iOS v14.3 or later
    Safari v14 or later

  • Android

    OS9.0 or later and Chrome v95.0 or later
    * The latest versions of Safari and Chrome are recommended.
    * Service is not available for some tablet models and some display sizes.
    * Depending on the model, the analysis process may take some time.
    * Even if you have the recommended environment, it may take some time to start up the camera and display results depending on the communication environment, device type and operating environment of other applications.
    Please note that this service does not support some models.
    In addition, because we constantly update measurement items for skin measurement, it may take longer than before for the results to be displayed.
    * If the results screen does not appear, please wait a few minutes and try accessing the service again.
    * If the service fails to start multiple times, please contact us using the Kao Inquiry Form while also providing us information on the device you are using.
    * If “beauty face” mode is enabled in the front camera settings of your device, please disable the “beauty face” function before use because it may prevent proper scoring. (Please refer to the instruction manual of your model or contact the manufacturer for inquiries on settings)